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As you (readers of this blog) must know, last week we’ve been attending the Blender Conference 2010 to present our new (and crazy) project to the community. And now, here we are, back to Brazil, to tell you how it went. (That’s after we arrived and went almost directly to our classrooms where our students were waiting for us.) it was a rough arrival!

We went to the Netherlands with our heads in the clouds (not just literally), thinking only in presenting our project and sow the feedback from people. After all these years, mainly in the last months, all our thoughts are around this project. In one instance, it was very pretentious of us to think that this was the thing to care about: to present the project. Luck for us that we have this wonderful community that, not only make this incredible tool, butl also reminded us again of what really matters: The community itself and the interchange that it provides. And that is very appropriate, once our project is about community and all the things that can be developed trough interchangeability. We forgot that for a moment but you were very quick in reminding us – and for that we are very thankful!

The event was great. It was wonderful to be in a place where ideas converge to common points and everybody speaks in the same language. And speaking of that, we had some trouble with our messy english, but people seemed willing to understand so that was ok. We were astonished by the quality of the presentations and with the competence of the participants. Congratulations to each and everyone of you.

Unfortunately, (or would be fortunately?) our presentation didn’t go as we expected and due to a series of reasons that will go by without further explanation (one of them being plain and simple anxiety), we ended up disappointed of how the whole thing went. Nonetheless, to our surprise, the people that where there watching us came down and started asking us more about the project, and they seemed really interested!!
Thanks to all of you that showed interest in our presentation and in our work.

Once the presentations were done we went for the real deal – food and drinks!! That’s when we managed to get to know each other better. And we would really like to thank some of you particularly for being such nice guys: Dalai, Nelson, Raimon, Kapil, Thomas Thoma and his brother, Adji, Francesco, Luca, Wolfgang, Hugo, Ramon, Pablo – let’s go for a bite to eat (and a pint) sometime! It was a great pleasure getting to know you let’s please keep in touch.

Holanda 24

And finally, there’s Amsterdam. What a nice place. We enjoyed not just the nice museums, but people everywhere where very nice to us. We have tons of pictures, and we were amazed by how the place looks so much with the island-city of San Corisco that we have imagined. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit the Blender Foundation on Monday, but next year we hope we’ll be there!

Once again, thank you so much for everything. And as we promised, here goes the files for the presentation – in 3D (we used BGE to create the slides), in PDF and the presentation text in “.rtf” and “.odt”.

3d Slides (.blend), 2d Slides (PDF), Text in English.

See you all in the next conference!

All the best.

The Detail Library Committee

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