Making Puppets / Fazendo Bonecos:

Posted in Joana, Production on June 12th, 2012 by daniel

I made two time-lapse videos showing the making of one of the characters from “Joana”:


Eu fiz dois vídeos “corridinhos” (rs) com a produção de um dos personagens de “Joana”:


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I don’t know why it takes so long…

Posted in Joana, Production on June 3rd, 2012 by daniel

Making of Joana (just a screenshot):

- português-

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Our First Pencil Test – Nosso Primeiro Teste de Animação

Posted in Joana, Production on March 20th, 2011 by daniel

This is the first test of the short animation “Joana” that we are producing this year:

Este é o primeiro teste do curta de animação “Joana” que estamos produzindo este ano:

The pencil test was produced with hand-drawn sketches, scanned with the Simple Scan 2.32.0, “the drawings were assembled and edited directly in” Blender 2.56a “using a script called “Image Changer” created and migrated to blender at 2:56 by the big Dalai Felinto based on the ScriptLinks hack by Daniel Salazar (ZanQdo).

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First Concepts / Primeiros Conceitos

Posted in Concepts, Joana on March 10th, 2011 by dilly

We’re here to say again that we did not die and we continue to work on this project called Detail Library. Daniel is finishing the animation of the first scene and Damasceno has done some concepts in watercolor to put some of the ideas for the look of the short on the paper.

Here are the concepts with his comments:

I like the loose spots. Using some specific elements to characterize the space. I believe we can also work with unorthodox mix of color – as well as the application of white lines to better define some parts.
The grid, tree, lamppost and the curb “denounce” the scenario – that is nothing less than a big colored spot
The edges disappearing increase our sense of “observers”.

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First Steps – Primeiros Passos

Posted in Detail Library, Joana, Pre-production on January 10th, 2011 by daniel

Green Light

The first version of Joana was made in 1998 when I wrote what was to be a small children’s book. Much has happened during these twelve years and the text was shelved alongside some drawings (which I will publish in the future on a post about the character designs). Every year, I took this material out and matured a little bit the idea, either showing for a friend, adding some design, or making some new notes. I was slowly transforming what was to be a book in an animation, however, was only with the structuring of the Detail Library that the story took shape.

Primeiro tratamento da história de Joana

Joana: original text

Last year, me and Dilly we were laying out strategies for the first year of the Library and in one of several conversations we had reached the conclusion that, besides the need of more scripts, it was important to think of an animation simpler and feasible than that were trying to produce (Gadanthara). This is where the screenplay for Joana really came up. The plot might be adequate to take place in San Corisco without interfering in any way the content of the story. When we realize that the fund raising and deadlines would initially be modest, I received a green light to get the team to adapt the story of Joana to the universe of the Library.

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And then? E então?

Posted in Announcements, Detail Library, Joana on December 31st, 2010 by dilly


For our first product, Joana, we chose to make a 2d animation using both manual – drawing the pictures on PAPER – and digital techniques – using elements and special effects in 3D with Blender + GIMP GAP. We made this choice because:

  • We love 2d animation;
  • The story works better in 2d (semiotics);
  • We think this technique does not have good documentation using latest technologies, especially the open-source ones;
  • We are able to produce it with our own resources.

In other words it fits perfectly with the objectives of the project and its governing principles. But it is the last topic that justifies this post:

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